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Interesting Questions & Comments

Today has been an interesting day for questions and comments from my dear son, David. He has caught me off guard a few times today with the things he has come up with.

While on our way to church, we were passing the turn off for our old house. Dave, from the backseat suddenly spoke up. “Daddy, I miss our old house. When mommy stops being rude, can we live there together again?” Well, I was speechless for about 30 seconds, trying to come up with a politic way of answering his innocent question. Finally I told him, “No baby, we won’t be living together again. Choices have been made that makes that impossible. You will still spend time with mommy and I, we just won’t do it together anymore.” Normally, when answering these questions, I feel a certain level of disgust and ire towards their mother. Today when he asked, I didn’t feel that. I just felt confidence in what I was saying and love for these two amazing gifts from God.

So, we continued on our way to church. The service was a good one and the kids had fun. Rose was in the mood to be held and wanted kisses. I definitely won’t refuse her those. When they released the children to go to children’s church, my buddy and I patrolled the parking lot.

After church, the three of us continued our Sunday ritual by visiting McDonald’s. We had our lunch and then I let the kids play for half an hour. While they were playing in the play place, Dave struck up a conversation with a little blond girl. (Yep, he loves blondes.) They were talking about their families. The little girl telling Dave about her siblings and that her Daddy had just come home two days ago (I’m guessing e was deployed.). Dave pointed at Rosie and said that was her sister, he pointed out our car in the parking lot and then he said, “My daddy’s in the Army and my mommy is in trouble.” Kids definitely say some of the darnedest things.

I haven’t brought this up with him. I think he believed he was having a private conversation. I was, in fact, eavesdropping, because I was listening to him and Rose for any issues. It made me pause and think. Apparently my son is highly observant. He definitely knows there are issues between his parents. I’m saddened that Rose and Dave have to be effected by their Mother’s poor decisions and my legal responses to them. They deserve to grow up in a happy home. I am doing my best each day to ensure that they have that here with me. It’s not always easy, but nothing that is rewarding ever is.

As I was writing this, Dave came over to me to ask me what I was doing and then just threw his arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. I love these little wild people. I am going to continue to fight for what is best for them everyday. I’ve recently tried to engage their mother in discussion as to visitation again. She keeps giving me excuses that her vehicle is inoperable, she doesn’t have the money to make the trip and her work schedule isn’t very flexible. Call me crazy, but that sounds like exactly what they are, excuses. I am a full time, active duty soldier in one of the most operationally active units in the military and I have still managed to put Rose and Dave first. I make the time, My unit having the understanding that the army is no longer my first priority and that it will always come second to Rose and Dave. They can do what they have to, but I won’t budge on this principle.

Anyway, it is time to get some house cleaning done. The kids have tomorrow off from school. I sure wish I could take tomorrow off from work and spend it with them. Yesterday, we went to the fair and had a blast. We hung out with our roommate and one of my closest friends. They had so much fun and we rode almost every ride. We were there for about 4 hours, running around seeing the sights and riding the rides. We have some pretty epic weekends. I’ll post a few photos of our fun. Take it easy, dear reader.

Thanking God for everyday that I spend with these two amazing little angels.




Challenges in Life & Parenting

Yesterday I had a meeting with Rose’s teacher, principal, EC director, speech teacher and some other people. Apparently, M either forgot to mention a few things to the school in Alabama when it came to Rose’s Individual Education Program (IEP) or she lied by omission. The latter seems more inline with her character. As it stands, I am in a holding pattern, waiting to see what happens next. Based off of Rose’s original NC IEP, she needs to be in a self contained classroom with one on one attention everyday. Unfortunately, her current school doesn’t have any self contained classrooms, which means she would have to move schools again. Under the AL IEP, she is in a regular classroom with speech therapy on a daily basis. This would allow for her to remain in the school that she is in and continue mission. After explaining some flaws in the school staff’s understanding of the situation, they informed me that they had to go back to the drawing board and figure out where to go next. I had pretty much been told that I would need to get Rose enrolled in a different school that had a self contained classroom by the end of the week so she could start there on Monday.


The problem with this new school is that it is based off of my address. Which means, I would either have to take her to school every day and pick her up, or she could be picked up and dropped off by a special transportation bus. Both of these options would require me to be in a job that was more flexible to the fact that I am a single father with a child in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), who needs my attention first thing in the morning and in the early afternoon. Kat, my babysitter, wouldn’t be able to be in two places at once, picking her son and David up at the current school, and then either picking Rose up from school or meeting the bus at our home. The dilemma is as much fun as putting my phallus in a meat grinder. My unit isn’t exactly flexible in regards to a soldier’s family. I am trying to find the best option for my children and still be able to perform duties for the Army. My only issue is that when push comes to shove, my kids come first, career be damned. If it comes to the point that I have to be discharged due to my parental status, then I am going to move on without any regrets. Honestly, I have spent too damned long giving the Army everything I have and all that I am, to just be expected to concern myself more with it than with my family.


So, as I said, I am on stand-by. The EC Coordinator had to go back to the drawing board and see what to do in this situation. The IEPs from the two states are completely different. They tend to have to go by the most recent one established, which would be the AL one. Honestly, I hope that is the case and Rose can remain in the school that she is in. She improves all around educationally, verbally and inter-personally every day that she is there. When she was in an EC class, she picked up a lot of bad habits and traits from other students who seemed to be worse on the spectrum than she was. Until she had started going to her last school in NC, she never threw tantrums that involved her banging her head on the floor, arguing with her parents or teachers, or any of the serious negative behavior that she displays.


Monday, I had to conduct some corrective actions with her in regards to her behavior at school. Kat told me that Ms. M, Rose’s teacher, had told Rose to get in the lunch line. Rose decided she wanted to be belligerent and contradictory and screamed NO at her teacher and then proceeded she was going to “Snatch you up and smack you.” Yeah, she didn’t get that phrase from me. I don’t really spank anymore. I give time outs and lost privileges. Rose definitely works better on a obedience versus reward system. Basically, she is learning about consequences. “If you continue with X, then you will lose Y (time, television, toys, dessert, etc).” I pretty much learned that method from the lovely old United States Army. I’ve had to give the same type of punitive measures to soldiers who couldn’t act like adults and remove their heads from their asses.


Each day is a learning lesson for my children and I. Each day we get a step closer to getting to where we need to be. Time will tell how successful we are in regards to that.


The new job I wrote about last month has kind of gone by the wayside. Division has decided that it didn’t want to release anyone to go perform duties there. You can imagine how displeased with this turn of events I was. I honestly needed that job, simply based on the freedom of movement and ability to spend more time with my children. Today I plan on asking for an exception to policy on this decision. Otherwise, I need to decide whether or not staying in the Army is really what is best for my children. Yeah, I’m back to that old dilemma, which I had thought I had solved some time ago. Now, with changing circumstances, I am back to deciding whether or not I charlie mike or I ask for a hardship discharge. I don’t want to just let go of my decade long career, but it seems to be contrary to what is best for Rose and Dave. Hmm, I don’t know, I’m not sure at this point. I need someone who understands how the Army operates to be my sounding board and give me advice on where to go next. I have people I can talk to, of course, but most of them are civilians with no military experience and I really don’t feel like extending the conversation by having to backtrack just to explain Army procedures and such.


“Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.”

Wonder Dad Kind of Day



It’s 1445hrs (EST), and I am sitting in the “kiss and go” lane, waiting for the kids’ bell to ring. It is awesome to actually get the chance to be here to drop them off and pick them up from school. Rose and Dave both love going to school. My wild ones definitely have their father’s nature about them. I loved school at their age. It wasn’t until high school when I got bored with it. The problem is, although I was bored with it, I still had a 3.75 GPA. I just didn’t find it mentally stimulating. I think Rose is going to have that problem too.

This week has been fairly hectic. The kids are now on their second school of the week. Let’s hope it is the last change of the year. It is fortunate that this is still the first week of school. I put in a Voluntary Transfer Request in last month. On Monday, I got a call from Ms. W at the School Board’s Student Assignments Office and was told that our request had been denied. I had to do some react to contact and scrambled into action to enroll the kids in the school near our house.

Ms. W had suggested that I appeal the decision with one of the Assistant superintendents. The one she named wasn’t just the lady in charge of student assignments, but she also happened to be the military family liaison for the school board. This week has seen me stuck at work until late Monday and Tuesday and I wasn’t able to do more than send an email to Dr. B on Monday. I laid out our situation before her and explained why I needed this school transfer. Apparently, what I had to say was enough and she granted approval of my appeal.

So, the kids were on Day 2 at their first school while Daddy was running around behind the scenes, reacting to contact. I got them enrolled at the right school, did some housework and grocery shopping all before I picked them up from their other school. I had went there before going to the new school and informed them of what was happening. They were very obliging and were sad to see Rose and Dave go because they had already taken a liking to the minions. (Those kids really are lovable.)

This morning, I brought them to school and met their new teachers. Both ladies appear to be highly intelligent and motivated educators. I think the kids are really going to enjoy their school year here. As was the case on their first day at the other school, I was handed a giant pack of paper and instructed to fill it out and return to the teachers on Tuesday. Well, I was feeling rather motivated this morning and I headed to The Coffee Scene for a Super Mocha and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant. I sat there and consumed my breakfast while filling out the myriad of forms required to educate one’s children.

It took me about an hour and a half to finish them. I decided that instead of waiting for Tuesday, I might as well just make the short drive back over to the school and drop the overstuffed envelopes back off. With this complete, I headed home and cleaned out the car. It had taken on the appearance of Rose and Dave’s bedroom. I threw away the trash and took everything else inside.

My lovely, elegant, wonderfully future ex-wife was so kind to finally furnish me with banking information. (Did you catch any facetiousness in that?) For someone who claims she wants absolutely nothing from me, she sure calls my commander a lot demanding money. Hmm… 8-/ So, I took a few minutes to share her banking information with every hacker I know…. I’m kidding people. Chuckle chuckle. It was a joke. Or was it?

Okay, no, I didn’t do that. I did log the information in to my transfer accounts on my online banking. Until I am granted a waiver to stop paying her stupid ass, this will be easier. Then maybe I will give out the information. 😉

Anyway, the kids are out of school. I have to go now. Have a good one. Good bye, dear reader.



God Moves

Since I took custody of Rose and Dave, I have been slowly making plans to take a different career path. Some options that I thought of have been closed to me because of the still pending nature of custody and my divorce. I couldn’t just up and leave, but I knew that I needed to get out of the fast paced, time consuming career of the infantryman. My kids need me more.

There are a few jobs on Ft. Bragg that I have been eyeing. If I can’t go home, I at least wanted to stay here. I have a lot of friends here, and my church home is here.

Tonight I got a call from my First Sergeant. He told me that we had been tasked to provide a Staff Sergeant for a non-deployable unit here on Bragg. The replacement I had been training to take over for me as the Taskings NCO actually came from there. He and I had discussed the unit and the schedule definitely sounded like it would be better for my situation. I told my First Sergeant of my interest and that I had already been trying to find a way of speaking to someone over there without stepping on toes.

So, I had been praying and thinking about this for a while. God finally decided I had done enough of that and kicked my butt into gear. I will give up being a paratrooper and being a combat soldier, but for my children, it is worth it. To be able to spend more time with them was my goal and now I have it in sight. Prayer really does work sometimes.

Bedtime Conversations

Today was kind of a slow day for us. The kids and I drug ourselves out of bed around 0930 (EST). My mom had headed off to work and my sister and niece had gone shopping. My niece is heading off to church camp on Monday, so there were some last minute items they needed.

Rose, Dave and I had fruit salad for breakfast and we watched a little tv. I got dressed and then helped them get into their attire for the day. We headed off to go find a barbershop so I could get a haircut. We drove all over town, stopping at a few barbershops, but they were all packed with people. I guess Saturday isn’t the best day to get a haircut in Lakeland. Especially when there don’t seem to be too many decent ones left.

The last one we went to was called Clean Cuts. As soon as you walk in, your ears are assaulted with rap “music”, the barbers all take their time like they are getting paid by the hour and no one even bothers to greet you. Okay, I live in a military town. Barbers there make an effort to get your attention just so that they can gain a following. There isn’t a whole lot of that going on here in Lakeland anymore. The kids and I sat there for almost an hour and the same people that were in the chairs when we got there were still there when I decided a haircut could wait until we went home. Overall, not impressed with the options here.

The kids and I headed back to my sister’s house. The kids were hungry so I fixed them sandwiches and then a slice of leftover pizza followed by some more mixed fruit. My kids love fruit. Definitely their favorite meal of choice.

After lunch, we piled up into my sister’s recliner and half dozed, half watched tv until my sister and niece came in from their shopping adventure. Dave went off to play with his cousin, while Rose seemed to be having a need for daddy. She snuggled back down after asking her aunt and cousin all sorts of questions. I dozed off and she just let me sleep. She got up a few times to go play, but she kept coming back to snuggle daddy some more. It was nice.

My sis reheated some leftovers for dinner. We had the pork roast with vegetables that I made the other night, macaroni with cheese and venison stew with carrots and potatoes. All together, a delicious meal in my opinion. The kids ate and then we gathered them up and headed to the park to let them burn off some excess energy.

I had the duty of following Rose around. As soon as that little girl gets to the park, she turns into a triathlon champion; running, climbing, sliding, running, spinning, running, swinging, running, etc. You get the point. I did a lot of running. My 7 year old is surprisingly fast! That’s my girl.

The kids had a blast at the park. I definitely got some exercise in chasing Rose around. The harridan made her nightly call at 1900hrs (EST). The kids were mildly distracted. Rose ran all over the park with the phone in her hand, giving her egg donor a play by play of what she was doing. When she was done talking to her, she said “Bye” and handed me the phone. I just hit the end call button and went on about our lives. We played until the park closed at 2000hrs (EST).

After leaving the park, we headed to one of those little road side kiosks where you can get ice. We filled up the cooler and headed back to my sister’s house. The kids were all begging for dessert and I told them that I knew this nifty little Popsicle joint on G-Street. Yes, I was definitely talking about my sister’s house.

We came back to the house, had our Popsicles and played for a while. The kids took turns getting baths while the other two were watching old Popeye cartoons. It was rather amusing. Around 2200hrs (EST), we all said our bedtime prayers and the kids went down for the night. Rose decided she wanted to sleep with Dave and I tonight so she crawled in bed with him.

They kept calling for me, so I went and crawled in between them. I made them giggle a bit and I rubbed Rose’s back. Dave had questions for me tonight. He wanted to know about what the future held and why things were the way they are. I told him that we would be headed back home (NC) on Wednesday. I have an appointment on Thursday and Rosie has one on Friday. I explained to him that I had made an appointment for us to go and talk to someone about the changes our family is going through.

I told him that we will go talk to a nice lady that can give us pointers on how to adapt to the changes in our lives. Dave isn’t a fan of new people and I told him that he doesn’t have to speak to her the first time if he doesn’t want to. He accepted that grudgingly. He then asked me why the lady came to his aunt’s house last Sunday. Yep, he put me on the spot, and in the nicest way possible, I tried to explain it to him. I told him that mommy had called the people wanting them to make sure he and Rosie were safe. I told him that mommy had told them that I had slapped his sister in the face. My 5 year old, God bless him, looked at me like this was the stupidest thing he had ever heard and said, “But you didn’t.” I told him that he was correct, but mommy really wants him and Rosie to come live with her again. He once again told me, “Daddy, I miss mommy, but I want to live with you.”

He and I discussed the changing nature of our family. He has been acting up a little lately. Mostly by telling lies and telling me that mommy and I still love each other. I generally try to deflect those statements. For a while, I still loved Morgan, but on 30 May 12, when my lawyer was reading the DSS records out loud in open court of the reported incidents involving Morgan’s behavior towards our children, that ended. I learned of these incidents for the first time and it created in me a pure, unadulterated and absolutely evil hate in me for her. I knew about a few, but I was never there when they happened and I trusted my wife’s word. When I heard the actual incidents and then later read the records for myself, I was completely shocked that our children weren’t removed from Morgan’s care.

I don’t know how to respond to him when he says that his mother and I still love one another. I generally just change the subject, but he is definitely my son. He is very observant and can read me like an open book most of the time. My deflections and topic changes definitely pique his interest. I just explained to him again tonight that we, his parents, love him and his sister very much. We will not be living together as a family anymore. Choices and decisions have been made that not all of us got a say in. This is our life now. I told him that I will ensure that he gets to spend as much time with his mom as possible, but it will be a while before that happens again. What is a tactful and G-Rated way of saying that mommy keeps trying to hurt daddy to get him and Rosie back? Hopefully the counselor will have some insight on that this coming week.

Anyway, I am going to go now. It is half past midnight and I should try and get some sleep. My brain is in overdrive tonight after the conversations with my son and other events in life. I can’t wait until things get on an even keel for a while. Trying to keep our little boat from tipping on my own is a chore into itself, but I have an awesome support network. C’est la vie. All I can do is keep fighting to protect my two little gifts from God, my little blond haired, blue eyed angels. Rose got mad at me when I told them that before I came to get them, I had been sad. She yelled at me, “No sad, Daddy! You happy!” I just told her that I am definitely not sad anymore because I have her and Dave to make me happy. She rolled over and kissed me on the cheek and repeated her declarative one more time. She then promptly rolled back over so I could rub her back some more until she fell asleep.

Have I mentioned that my kids are awesome?

Good night, dear reader, my midnight confidante. May God bless you as He continues to bless me. If you aren’t a believer, I hope you don’t mind if I say a prayer for you anyway. Take care folks. Sleep well.



Life as the 3 of Us

I want to know why as soon as my daughter gets upset and starts crying, she starts apologizing saying that it is all her fault. What the FUCK has my future ex-wife been saying to her? This isn’t something a 7 year old comes up with on her own, it is a learned behavior. Some days, I would very much like to have a discussion with her mother and find out just what the hell she has been doing. And then I would like to have her tossed into shark infested waters. I am not very pleased with her.

She has taken to calling about three times a day. Leaving the loveliest messages. 😐 Sarcasm. Hope you sensed that. Her latest said, “Once again, I have called to talk to MY children, and once again you will not let me.” Well, perhaps I should apologize for protecting myself from her liar’s nature. She has already filed one false police report claiming I violated her protective order, which I hadn’t even been served with yet. So, sue me for protecting my children and my own ass by not answering the phone for a child abusing, lying, manipulative, thieving, kidnapping skank that I want nothing to do with. As soon as there is an order in place saying that she has a right to contact them, or she drops her bullshit restraining order, the kids would love to talk to her.

I was on the phone with a close friend earlier, heading home with the kids in the car, when Dave just says out of no where, “Daddy, I love you, but I don’t like Mommy.” I told him that wasn’t very nice, she is his mother and loves him very much. He didn’t say anything for a minute and then just said, “I don’t want to stay with Mommy, I want to stay with you.” I have my earbud in, since the state of NC is a hands free state, and my friend asked me if he really said what she thought he did. I was a little shocked and told her yes, he had really just said that.

Anyway, I picked the kids up from their sitter’s house at about 1030 hrs EST. I had to reschedule their doc’s appts last week on account of being stuck in court. They were back to back with the same doc. They were well behaved and I didn’t have any problems out of them what so ever. They both were very polite and courteous to both the nurse and the doctor. I had the doctor put in a referral for Rose to get seen at Duke Children’s by the Hematology/Oncology department. I don’t know when the last time she was seen for her maintenance phase of her leukemia protocol, so I figured it would be best that we get in there as soon as possible. The doc was very obliging in my wish there.

After their physicals, we went to the referrals office and got Rose’s referral pushed through to the insurance. Then we walked across the clinic to Immunizations. Let me tell you, my kids know EXACTLY what goes on there. They both burst into tears and started begging me to not make them get shots. I had them sit down and walked over to the counter to ask for copies of their shot records from the nurse. She called me back to the computer, and I started to bring the kids with me, but they just turned up the volume on their terror. Poor things. The nurse suggested I leave them sitting in the chairs while she talked to me about their records. I was about 30 feet away from them and making faces at them the whole time she talked to me. The nurse probably thought I was crazy. Well, nothing to argue about there. Lol. Dave was up to date, but of course Rose having had an immunodeficiency causing cancer, she is way behind on shots for her age. I told the nurse I would discuss it with the docs at Duke when we get up there and if she is capable of getting anymore vaccines, I will have them give it to her there.

As we were leaving the clinic, I got a panicked message from my supervisor about a tasking that he deemed to be of great importance and priority. Personally, I think it could have waited until I had taken my children to lunch. We ended up heading back to my office and the kids sat taking turns playing Angry Birds on my iPhone while I typed up a tasking memo. Silly people. My supervisor is a nice guy, and he will give me what time I need to handle my personal affairs, but he does not multitask or delegate authority well. Give him one task and the time to do it and he will very well. The problem with our job is, it is never going to be just one task and most of the time, we are playing react to contact with new things flying in from the good idea fairies.

Anyway, the kids and I had a great weekend. On Saturday, we went to a place called Monkey Joe’s here in Fayetteville. It is a big, indoor playground that is filled with inflatable slides and bouncy houses. Kat, the kids’ sitter and my friend, joined us with her son. All three kids had a great time running around and bouncing. After that, Rose, Dave and I headed for home to enjoy some quality time in the pool. That has to be their favorite thing about our apartment.

Once we were done with the pool, they took an hour nap and then we headed out to a cook out that we were invited to. The kids enjoyed just being kids. Running around the yard playing. I love to watch them have fun and most of the time will join in with them. I have missed out on so much time with them that I am trying to at least make up for it in some way. We got home around 2100 hrs EST. I was feeling the day and I know the kids were too. No sooner had they gotten baths and into their PJs, they were ready for prayers and night night kisses. They were out within 20 minutes of being home. I’ll admit, I was out within 25 minutes. They are good at wearing out daddy too.

Sunday we went to church. I am trying out a new way of doing the A-Team to make sure that I am close to the kids at all times. I started out doing usher duty in the sanctuary. That way I could stand near the kids and still pitch in with ushering people to seats, passing out the elements of communion and offering. I still cannot bring myself to take communion or make an offering. It is written, but I’ll paraphrase, that of you hold a grudge against someone, you should leave your offering on the altar and go make amends. That way you can make your offering with a pure heart. Dear reader, I just can’t forgive her for the things she has done yet. I don’t know when I will be able to. Hopefully someday soon.

Since it was the first Sunday of the month, we will normally do things like dedicating children and praying in or out military families. I felt it was important to rededicate the kids back to God and let Him guide me in their raising. One of the elders, and a good friend, started the prayer. He knows the whole situation and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Thank You Father for allowing Chris to be able to stand up here with his children.” Just writing that brought tears to my eyes. My friend knows the hell I have been through in fighting for them and their safety. It was a rather poignant moment, to say the least.

Anyway, dear reader, it is a quarter till midnight. I am feeling the day. I am worn out and have to get up at 0430 EST to get the kids to their sitter’s house and get myself to work. Tomorrow should be another fun filled day in 1 Panther. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on that tomorrow.

Good night, God bless. I hope we all find peace in the morning.

Pool, Laundry, Shopping and Dinner- Single Dad Chronicle Day 1

My lovelies and I had a wonderful day. I woke up this morning and gave them both kisses. Rose got out of bed and asked me if she could take a shower, so of course that is what she did. While she was showering, Dave finally rolled out of bed and hit the potty. I fixed them up with a breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They love that stuff. Truth be told, it’s my favorite cereal too.

After they were both showered and fed, we gathered our laundry and made our way to Walmart. I got them some more clothes, 2 outfits and another bathing suit a piece. We picked up a few toys, some drinks and then got money to do laundry. We went from there to exchange the $20 bill for quarters and then headed home. Our laundry room for the apartment complex is right next to the pool. The kids were excited all morning, just wanting to go swimming already! 😀

We got back to the apartment complex and pulled in at the office. I made sure to load our laundry first and then we went and got in the pool. The kids had so much fun. They were well behaved and full of adventure. Rose and Dave just kept saying, “Thank you, Daddy! I like your pool!” I kept telling them that they didn’t have to thank me and that it is their pool now too. Those two were like fish. Always in the water, excited and just having fun. Those two munchkins are awesome! I love them so much. It fills my heart with happiness to spend the day with them.

Around 1300 EST, we packed it in and headed home. The kids were hungry and getting a little tired. We got home, got them changed into dry clothes and I made them ham and bologna sandwiches. Hey, don’t look at me, that’s what they asked for. They munched on their sandwiches and then snacked on their cousin Shy’s girl scout cookies that I still have a case of. Upon completion of lunch, we said nap time prayers and they were down for the count. I sat in the living room folding laundry while they were napping.

Once the kiddos woke up around 1500, I got them ready to head to the pool again. They wanted to go play in the water some more, and I honestly had no problem with that. My roommate and I took them down to the pool and we played for a couple of hours. Dave finally told me that he was hungry and Rose quickly seconded that. We came back home, dried off, changed and the four of us headed to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. The kids had a good time and enjoyed their food. Afterwards, we headed to Walmart again to check and see if they had bunk beds. They have a nice walnut oak bunk bed set for $130. I’ll be picking that up tomorrow and then will have to see about getting them mattresses. They love my memory foam, so I will probably get them twin sized ones for their bunk beds.

Right now, the kids are sleeping. They had a full day and enjoyed themselves a great deal. I love those two little monkeys. My kids are so intelligent and beautiful. Spending time with them is amazing.

I got a call from a friend around 2000hrs EST tonight. He said that Morgan’s boyfriend had called him, asking if they could stay with him until next week. My friend, who had a similar thing happen to him while deployed, told Alex, Morgan’s boyfriend, exactly what he though of him and that they could go fuck themselves and die on their way up here. He said that they were on I-20 in Columbia, SC when they called. That’s a 2 1/2 hour drive from here. My roommate and I are on guard tonight. I know I won’t sleep. If they decide to come by here, I will call the local police department, explain to them the situation and the fact that Morgan is violating her own restraining order she has against me. I have been ensured that if she does that, she will be the one that goes to jail. That would be fantastic for the custody case on Wednesday. I am hoping that she shows her lack of intelligence in the matter.

For now, I bid you folks good night. May things be calmer tomorrow. Take care, my friends.