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Reagan warned us about Obama


Welcome to the Socialist Republic of America


Welcome to the Socialist Republic of America. You will be forced to work to provide for those who refuse to get up off their asses. You will have an unwanted healthcare system jammed down your throat because the ruling regime wishes it so. You will be stripped of your right to protect yourself, your family, your home and your country. You will be stripped of your voice and your will. Your military will be a conscripted one, the militant arm of the corporate regime in charge. They will not be paid as they are forced to rush head long into combat in nations that have no strategic or monetary value, purely for the dictator’s ego. Your “elected” officials will disregard everything you say. They will execute their own wishes, regardless of the overwhelming sentiments of the populace. You will be punished. You will be punished for speaking your mind. You will be punished for practicing your faith. You will be punished of you fail to buy into the regime’s schemes. Welcome comrade, you will be allotted a job when one becomes available. You will be forced to work twice, thrice, as hard for pay that will barely allow you to survive. You will be forced to ingest fruits, vegetables and animals that have been treated with the bioengineered wonders of our regime. You will be tested. You will be controlled. You will be a slave to your corporate masters. You will be arrested, tried in sham courts, and crucified by the agenda driven media for attempting to save your own life. You will be vilified for taking a stand, for trying to lead as you swore to do. You will be threatened. You will be beaten. You will be cajoled. The sweat from your brow and labor of your back will drive the recreation of this nation, with no morale principles, no work ethic, the desire to only take and not give. You will be enslaved to your masters. You will watch all that you believe in, shrivel and die. You will receive only what the regime allows you to have. You will be surrounded by enemies who claim to stand for you. They will give trinkets to those who allow themselves to be enveloped and assimilated into the system. You will not be free. You are not free. If you stand against them, you will be labeled a traitor. You will be hunted. You will be starved. You will be deprived. In the end, you will join their empire or die.

You will never again decide for yourself. You will be told how to act, what to believe, what to buy, what to eat, whether you will work or will not work. You will be instructed in all facets of your life. Your only purpose, the only meaning for your existence, will be to build the wealth and grandeur of your overlords.

You have been lied to, you have been tricked, you have been stolen from. The masters will dispose of the foundations of this once great nation and replace them with their own decrees. You will obey. You will obey or suffer their wrath.

Say goodbye to that which once made this nation great. Say goodbye to the freedoms you enjoyed. Prostrate yourself before the wisdom and benevolence of your chosen dictator. He was not the leader you needed, but the one you wanted. Did you choose wisely?

This is not a test. Welcome to the Socialist Republic of America. We are in distress.

Stand together or die alone.